Young drummers in the Philharmonic chamber hall

NEWS | 16-06-2021
On Saturday, June 19th at 5:00 p.m. in the Philharmonic chamber hall, you will have the chance to hear the most talented young percussionists polishing their talent under the watchful eye of Dariusz Jagiełło. Tickets for the concert at the price of PLN 5-10 can be purchased via the website and at the Philharmonic ticket offices.
On the stage of the Philharmonic chamber hall, talented musicians will appear again, just entering their artistic path, taking the run to take over the musical world with the sounds of percussion instruments. On June 19th, at 5:00 p.m., the Moon Hall will sound and tremble with rhythms played with hit energy by young artists.

We are talking about a group of young percussionists - the students of the State Music School Complex in Szczecin, working under the direction of Dariusz Jagiełło - musician of the Szczecin Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra and the teacher and pedagogue of the percussion class. The group has been operating since 2004, gathering next generations of percussion talents.

The most important achievements of the team include: the 3rd place in the Polish National Percussion Chamber Bands Competition in Poznań (2004), the 2nd place in the Polish National Chamber Bands Competition in Wrocław (2009) and the 3rd place in the Polish National Competition for Percussion Bands in Warsaw (2010). The group toured in Denmark, Germany and in Żagań (VI, VII, XII International Percussion Forum), Wrocław (II Lower Silesian Percussion Forum) and Warsaw as the part of the International Cross Drumming Festival .In Szczecin, they took part in concerts for children and youth with the Philharmonic Orchestra in Szczecin, as well as in a series of educational concerts at the Pomeranian Dukes' Castle.

Since 2005, the group has been taking part in the project "Young Polish Percussion", giving concerts in Szczecin, Kraków, Wrocław, Słupsk and Warsaw, establishing creative contacts with young musicians of the above-mentioned cities. Currently, Szczecin Young Percussion is the youngest generation of Szczecin percussion youth.

On music stages, we rarely have the opportunity to experience such a unique event as building the musical experience by young people. Worth mentioning is the fact that the audience participates in the way of young musicians to polish their talents and enjoy the contacts with the audience during live performances, the number of which has been negligible recently. Therefore, you cannot miss this Saturday evening in June in the Most Beautiful Building in Europe, where the future of Polish music will flourish.


• Philippe Spiesser - Uraniaan
• Antoni Cofalik - Concertino
• Andrzej Jagodziński - The Taste of the Berry
• Michael Burritt - Caritas
• Dariusz Kaliszuk - Tarabaning Trio
• Antonio Vivaldi - Concerto Grosso op. 3 no.11
• James Campbell - Garage Drummer
• Erich Ferstl - Marimbaphone and Percussion
• Mongo Santamaria, Gary Burton, Makoto Ozone - Afro Blue
• Emmanuel Séjourné - Khamsin
• Anthony J. Cirone - Japanese Impressions

The Szczecin Young Percussion concert will take place on Saturday, June 19th at 5:00 p.m. in the Philharmonic chamber hall. Tickets at the price of PLN 5-10 can be purchased via the website and at the Philharmonic ticket office.
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