EU Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award – 2015. The award was presented on May 8, 2015 in Barcelona.

Grand Prix - award for the Best Architectural Building in Poland constructed in 2013-2014 in the contest organized by the leading Polish architectural magazine “Architektura Murator”. The “Life in Architecture” award was presented by the President of Poland, Mr. Bronislaw Komorowski.

“Life in Architecture” award from the magazine “Architektura Murator” for the Best Interior Design of a public utility building 2013-2014 – for creating a space in which the harmony of music and architecture play a breathtaking concert.

BRYŁA 2014 – the award given by the architecture news portal From the jury’s deliberations: “The Body (TN: pl. Bryła) of 2014 is Szczecin’s Philharmonic. It received 4307 votes (28 per cent). Inauguration of the Szczecin Philharmonic’s new centre was one of the most awaited architectural events in the country. It took just a couple of months for the building to appear in leading architecture magazines and webpages worldwide. It’s also the first Polish building to make it to the closed final of the EU Prize for Contemporary Architecture”.

MocArty 2014 – award presented in the category “Object of Class”. From the jury’s deliberations: “The impressive architectural project by Estudio Barozzi Veiga – a Spanish Italian duet - Fabrizio Barozzi and Alberto Veiga. With an area of nearly 13 thousand square meters, with two underground and four above ground floors, two concert halls with perfect acoustics (larger one with a Sun colour scheme, and a chamber hall with a Moon colour scheme), capacity for 1145 seats, 2.5 thousand square meters of ceilings and walls covered with schlagmetal (imitation of gold) and flooring imported from Majorca – in its appearance it resembles the tip of an iceberg. Professionals stress the fact that it is Poland’s first project of such a degree of coherency”.

“Szczupak 2014” – (TN: eng. pike) award by the Szczecin office of the “Gazeta Wyborcza” newspaper – awarded to those people thanks to whom the new Philharmonic Hall in Szczecin could come into being.

Polish Architecture XXL Award for the “Best Public Utility Building” in the contest organised by the architecture website

Eurobuild Awards 2014 for the “Architectural Design of the Year”, in the contest organised by Eurobuild CEE publishing.

Best public utility building, Audience Award and Main Award, in the “Building of the 25 years – Symbol of Transformation” at Przemiany (TN: eng. transformations) Westival 2014, organized by Szczecin City and the Szczecin division of the Union of Polish Architects.

Medal for Merit for the City of Szczecin – award presented to the Mieczysław Karłowicz Philharmonic Hall in Szczecin by the Szczecin City Council for prominent contributions to city development.

Nomination in the "Cultural architecture" category of the “Building of The Year 2015” awards organized by

Finalist in the “architecture” category of the “Designs of the Year” awards organized by the London Design Museum.
August 2017
18 AUG, fr, 19:00 - Sacrum non Profanum - Hommage À Andrzej Panufnikkoncert zewnętrzny
TOMORROW22 AUGtu, 15:00
September 2017
01SEPfr, 19:00
02SEPsa, 20:00
08SEPfr, 19:00
ILYO 2017Symphonic concert
15SEPfr, 19:00
Meisinger Music Festival - Szczecin 2017Meisinger Music Festival: InauguracjaSymphonic concert
16SEPsa, 16:00
Meisinger Music Festival - Szczecin 2017Meisinger Music Festival: VivaldissimoSymphonic concert
16SEPsa, 19:30
Meisinger Music Festival - Szczecin 2017Meisinger Music Festival: Piotr Anderszewskirecital
22SEPfr, 19:00
GRANDIOSO 2017/2018Szymanowski | Karłowiczseason opening concert 2017/2018
23SEPsa, 09:00
Raniutto - LegatoWorkshops dla dzieci do 2. roku życia
23SEPsa, 10:30
Raniutto - PortatoWorkshops dla dzieci w wieku od 2. do 4. roku życia
23SEPsa, 12:00
Raniutto - StaccatoWorkshops dla dzieci w wieku od 4. do 6. roku życia
25SEPmn, 09:00
DoNuta taktuje - Na razChamber Concertdla przedszkoli
25SEPmn, 10:30
DoNuta taktuje - Na razChamber Concertdla przedszkoli
25SEPmn, 12:00
DoNuta taktuje - Na razChamber Concertdla przedszkoli
26SEPtu, 09:00
DoNuta taktuje - Na dwaChamber Concertdla klas I-III
26SEPtu, 10:30
DoNuta taktuje - Na dwaChamber Concertdla klas I-III
26SEPtu, 12:00
DoNuta taktuje - Na dwaChamber Concertdla klas I-III
27SEPwd, 19:00
MISTERIOSO 2017/2018Artist-in-residence: ASQ | SEIFERTChamber Concert
29SEPfr, 19:00
SONORO 2017/2018Haydn | SchubertSymphonic concert
30SEPsa, 12:00
Salonik Wiolinowy, czyli dziecko pod skrzydłami filharmoniiWorkshops dla dzieci w wieku 4-6 lat, bez udziału opiekunów
30SEPsa, 18:00
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