See the repertoire for the first part of the 2017/2018 season
NEWS | 04-08-2017
Arabella Steinbacher, Marita Alban Juarez Quartet, Veriko Tchumburidze, Arnaud Sussmann, Takashi Yamamoto, Tomasz Stańko Quartet, Leszek Możdżer or Cristina Gómez Godoy, these are just some of the stars we will hear during the upcoming 2017/2018 artistic season at the Philharmonic in Szczecin.
Today, the repertoire for the first part of the season was announced - it will list all concerts until the end of December 2017. In this artistic season, in addition to the symphonies, you will again enjoy your favourite concert series: jazz Espressivo, electronic SoundLab and folk Rubato

This year's artist-in-residence is the Atom String Quartet - one of the most intriguing string quartets in the world. The ensemble combines the possibilities of the string quartet (i.e. two violins, viola and cello) with broadly understood improvisation. It is difficult to uniquely determine the musical style of the group. In their compositions - apart from jazz - are inspirations from Polish folklore, music from different regions of the world as well as contemporary and classical music.

An electronic version of the repertoire can be downloaded from HERE.

This year for the first time our printed repertoire will be interactive thanks to cooperation with Szczecin company Tap2C. Once you download the free Tap2C app and scan tagged photos, you'll discover more options - you'll see more photos, hear parts of concerts or reports on philharmonic events. The Tap2C application is a mobile application for smartphone users that uses innovative image recognition technology. Currently, Tap2C works with lOS and Android systems. Access is free of charge. You can download this app from the AppStore or GooglePlay.

Ticket sales
Just as last year, the Philharmonic has decided to honour regular goers by giving them an opportunity to buy tickets earlier. This time there will be two days, the 16th and 17th of August allocated for purchasing series tickets.

By a series ticket we mean the purchase of a minimum of five different tickets by one person for a minimum of five different events taking place in the Symphony Hall (N tickets), not including special tariff events (S tickets) and educational and Chamber Hall events. If a buyer of a series ticket wishes to purchase other tickets as well, they will also be able to do so on 16th and 17th August as these two days are devoted to persons buying series tickets or series tickets with other tickets.

Sales and ticket bookings as well as other purchases will be available via the internet from 18th August from 13:00. Any emails regarding bookings sent to the ticket office of the Philharmonic earlier than 13:00 on 18th August will not be taken into consideration.

Ticket sales schedule:
Pre-sales of series tickets at the ticket office - 16th and 17th August from 13:00 - 18:00.

Ticket sales and bookings at the ticket office and via the internet - 18th August from 13:00.

On these sale days, the helpline and phone number to the ticket office will be functioning normally, however, due to the huge interest in purchasing tickets there will likely be a situation where the number will be busy. Please be patient and understanding.

Justyna Kwidzyńska is the creator of the cover design to the first part of the 2017/2018 artistic season repertoire.
August 2017
18 AUG, fr, 19:00 - Sacrum non Profanum - Hommage À Andrzej Panufnikkoncert zewnętrzny
TODAY24 AUGth, 15:00
TOMORROW25 AUGfr, 15:00
September 2017
01SEPfr, 19:00
02SEPsa, 20:00
08SEPfr, 19:00
ILYO 2017Symphonic concert
15SEPfr, 19:00
Meisinger Music Festival - Szczecin 2017Meisinger Music Festival: InauguracjaSymphonic concert
16SEPsa, 16:00
Meisinger Music Festival - Szczecin 2017Meisinger Music Festival: VivaldissimoSymphonic concert
16SEPsa, 19:30
Meisinger Music Festival - Szczecin 2017Meisinger Music Festival: Piotr Anderszewskirecital
22SEPfr, 19:00
GRANDIOSO 2017/2018Szymanowski | Karłowiczseason opening concert 2017/2018
23SEPsa, 09:00
Raniutto - LegatoWorkshops dla dzieci do 2. roku życia
23SEPsa, 10:30
Raniutto - PortatoWorkshops dla dzieci w wieku od 2. do 4. roku życia
23SEPsa, 12:00
Raniutto - StaccatoWorkshops dla dzieci w wieku od 4. do 6. roku życia
25SEPmn, 09:00
DoNuta taktuje - Na razChamber Concertdla przedszkoli
25SEPmn, 10:30
DoNuta taktuje - Na razChamber Concertdla przedszkoli
25SEPmn, 12:00
DoNuta taktuje - Na razChamber Concertdla przedszkoli
26SEPtu, 09:00
DoNuta taktuje - Na dwaChamber Concertdla klas I-III
26SEPtu, 10:30
DoNuta taktuje - Na dwaChamber Concertdla klas I-III
26SEPtu, 12:00
DoNuta taktuje - Na dwaChamber Concertdla klas I-III
27SEPwd, 19:00
MISTERIOSO 2017/2018Artist-in-residence: ASQ | SEIFERTChamber Concert
29SEPfr, 19:00
SONORO 2017/2018Haydn | SchubertSymphonic concert
30SEPsa, 12:00
Salonik Wiolinowy, czyli dziecko pod skrzydłami filharmoniiWorkshops dla dzieci w wieku 4-6 lat, bez udziału opiekunów
30SEPsa, 18:00
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