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At noon to the Philharmonic - a new proposal for families

NEWS | 24-06-2019
Together with the new season, we invite whole families at noon to small meetings with Szczecin Philharmonic musicians. The Philharmonics Play Chamber concerts will change its form. It is a proposal that will allow you to spend a day in the beautiful interiors of the Philharmonic and anyone, regardless of age, will be offered a meeting with music and more.
The Philharmonics Play Chamber concerts took place in the Moon Hall many a time in the past seasons. Chamber musical meetings with members of the orchestra are a great opportunity for every music lover to get to know them from a different side than the symphonic one. Along with the 2019/2020 season, we continue to present you with the skills and passions of our musicians, yet this time, however, at a different time and in a changed family form.

With a child to the Philharmonic

The chamber concerts will take place at 12:00 on selected Sundays (in the first half of the season it will be October 27 and December 8). Those of you who would like to spend this Sunday time with their loved ones, but also fear that the program on offer can be too difficult for the youngest, please relax. The Philharmonics Play Chamber is not only about classical music, but also about the Clef Lounge which accompanies the concert. In the space dedicated to children, they are able to actively create, experiment and discover the world of music during the workshops while their guardians can enjoy the concert.

Not only music

The concert and workshops at noon, however, are not all that we have for you. A Sunday visit to the Philharmonic can be combined with another field of art other than music. Level 4 Gallery is the climactic space of the building located directly under the geometric roof. The daylight that illuminates it, coming through the characteristic milky glass skylights, gives an unprecedented charm to the works by the best Polish and foreign artists hosted in the gallery. Level 4 is a gallery functioning very intensively - each month it presents works by different artists - that is why by attending the Sunday concerts, it is always worth coming up to the top floor of the building to see the new exhibition.

For the body

As a human being does not live by art alone, and the time spent in its company can go by exceptionally fast, we have not forgotten about the food for the body. We also invite you to our cafe, where you can always find your own confectionery sweets, aromatic coffee and tea, or delicious cocktails. In addition, on Sundays, when we will be presenting concerts from the Philharmonics Play Chamber series, you will be able to dine together with the whole family in Cafe Symfonia to replenish your energy before the rest of your family day.

We invite you to the concerts within the Philharmonics Play Chamber series accompanied with visits to the Level 4 Gallery, the children's Clef Lounge, and lunch in our cafe in the new artistic season. Sunday spent at the Philharmonic with your family or friends will surely provide you with unforgettable, not only musical, impressions and will be a great idea for spending time with family and showing our building to your guests and friends.
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