Meet the M.M.M. Interns!

NEWS | 05-08-2022
We have completed another phase of tutoring sessions with the M.M.M Interns. Listen to what they have to say about their experiences and the outcomes of their meetings with Mentors. We are impressed by the commitment and the work everyone has done in the last quarter. We are very pleased that they were willing to share their feedback on the programme.

Meet our Interns:

Violinist, graduate of the Hochschule der Künste Bern and the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. Participant in orchestral projects, including the Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester. She has taken part in many festivals such as the Salzburg Festspiele, the Bolzano Festival, the L. v Beethoven Easter Festival and the Emanations Festival. Currently honing her managerial skills in terms of project management and artist management, working with many Polish artists.

Manager, producer of concerts and cultural events, organizer of musical life, coordinator of CD and book publications. Graduate of the Academy of Art in Szczecin and the Academy of Music Managers. Since 2018 manager of the unique Polish guitar and harp duo ACh Duo. Since 2021 she has been working with the outstanding Polish flutist Jadwiga Kotnowska.

Binta graduated in Film and Audiovisual Culture at the University of Gdansk and in Film Studies at Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania. Currently, she is involved in film distribution at Kino Polska TV. She is interested in photography and iconography.

Ilya Ram is a young Israeli American conductor, praised for his charismatic and energetic performance and emerging as a unique voice in the classical music landscape. Currently serving as Music Director of the Leipzig University Orchestra he was recently awarded the audience prize at the Svetlanov Competition in Monte-Carlo and is working on exciting new projects in Germany, where he is based.

Professionally, in fact, it was the M.M.M. project that allowed Jędrzej to get hired at the National Forum of Music as a lighting designer and video projection specialist. He is studying film directing and computer game direction, combining the language of light with the language of visual media. Jędrzej says that M.M.M. is a great option for him because it combines these ranges and shows that it can be done.

Joanna works at the Polish Institute in Berlin and on a daily basis she deals with the promotion of Polish culture in Germany in areas such as music, theatre, dance and performance. She loves working on music projects, organizing events and collaborating with artists. She is an outgoing, smiling person who likes to surround herself with inspiring people.

Katarzyna Wasiak is a native of Zielona Góra and began her musical studies at the Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst in Vienna, which she continued at the Universität der Künste in Berlin, the Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler in Berlin. She also gained a diploma in Cultural Management (Akademie für Management Berlin). As a pianist she has released four CDs exploring the heritage of Polish composers persecuted in the 20 th c., such as Mieczyslaw Weinberg, Szymon Laks and Hans Gal. She also works as a teacher with children and young people, promoting Polish culture and music abroad.

Luana is a student associate in the CITAR centre, School of Arts at the Catholic University of Portugal (UCP). With a degree in Audiovisual and Multimedia from the School of Social Communication of Lisbon (ESCS) and the Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK), she is currently attending a Masters in Sound and Image at the School of Arts, UCP.

Mahzabin Haque is an independent curator with a multidisciplinary background in visual arts, photography, and engineering. Her research is focused on (new) media art, digital culture, and socially engaged practice. She has held a variety of positions as a curator, coordinator, and creative project manager and has collectively organized over forty exhibitions and public art events across Europe and South Asia. Mahzabin holds a joint MA degree (from three universities in Austria, Denmark, and Poland) focused on the intersection of art, science, and technology. Currently, she is based in Berlin (Germany).

Marta studies sound engineering at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. She is fascinated with sound design as a connection between music and other media such as film, videoart or performative arts. During the M.M.M. programme she aims to discover new ways of recording, mixing and transforming sound.

Sam is a writer, theatre practitioner, curator and artist. Her writings were featured in various projects and literary journals in Europe, Asia, and Australia, some of which were written for the Ujazdowski Castle Center for Contemporary Art, Cordite Poetry Review, Sing Lit Station, and Lampara Publishing. Currently, she is taking a full scholarship on advanced masters in Cultural Anthropology and Development Studies in KU Leuven, Belgium.

Sarah is Assistant Choral Manager for the BBC Singers, and is based at the BBC’s Maida Vale Studios in London. She is responsible for organising the group's performances and recordings across the UK and beyond, bringing an exceptional range of choral music to the widest audiences. Sarah also works with the BBC's Learning team to offer enjoyable and innovative education and community activities.

August 2022
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BRILLANTE 2021/2022 | BRILLANTE 2022/2023STEWART COPELAND | The Police
Event rescheduled from 2022-02-06
Symphonic concert
31AUGwd, 19:00
VIII Turniej Muzyków Prawdziwych - TMP 2022DREVOTraditional concert
September 2022
01SEPth, 14:00
VIII Turniej Muzyków Prawdziwych - TMP 2022Swoje głosy - swój język. Pieśni KaszubskieWarsztaty śpiewacze
01SEPth, 18:00
VIII Turniej Muzyków Prawdziwych - TMP 2022Agonia I Muzyka prawdziwaPokaz filmowy / Dyskusja
02SEPfr, 14:00
VIII Turniej Muzyków Prawdziwych - TMP 2022Swoje głosy - swój język. Pieśni RoztoczańskieWarsztaty śpiewacze
02SEPfr, 19:00
VIII Turniej Muzyków Prawdziwych - TMP 2022Harmonia wschodu | INAUGURACJASymphonic concert
03SEPsa, 10:00
VIII Turniej Muzyków Prawdziwych - TMP 2022Przesłuchania konkursowe - soliści wokaliści, zespoły śpiewaczeAuditions
03SEPsa, 11:00
VIII Turniej Muzyków Prawdziwych - TMP 2022Swoje głosy - swój język. Śpiywki ŚląskieWarsztaty śpiewacze
03SEPsa, 12:00
03SEPsa, 12:00
03SEPsa, 14:00
VIII Turniej Muzyków Prawdziwych - TMP 2022Przesłuchania konkursowe - soliści instrumentaliści, kapeleAuditions
03SEPsa, 18:00
VIII Turniej Muzyków Prawdziwych - TMP 2022Turniej TańcaAuditions
03SEPsa, 20:00
VIII Turniej Muzyków Prawdziwych - TMP 2022Dom TańcaDancing party
04SEPsn, 12:00
VIII Turniej Muzyków Prawdziwych - TMP 2022Jankiel w Spódnicy | Warsztaty rodzinneWarsztaty rodzinne
04SEPsn, 12:00
04SEPsn, 12:00
04SEPsn, 17:00
VIII Turniej Muzyków Prawdziwych - TMP 2022Koncert Laureatów | Hajda Banda / Гайда БандаTraditional concert
10SEPsa, 12:00
10SEPsa, 12:00
11SEPsn, 12:00
11SEPsn, 12:00
16SEPfr, 19:00
GRANDIOSO 2022/2023Season Opening Concert I Baeva plays SzymanowskiSymphonic concert
21SEPwd, 18:00
MDF Festival 2022 MUSIC.DESIGN.FORMELEKTRO MOON VISION | COSMOSONIC Audiowizualna instalacja modułowa z AR
21SEPwd, 18:00
MDF Festival 2022 MUSIC.DESIGN.FORMHarmonia | Marcin KydryńskiVernissage
21SEPwd, 20:00
MDF Festival 2022 MUSIC.DESIGN.FORMJIMEK & HAŁAS | Ballady i RomanseConcert
21SEPwd, 21:00
MDF Festival 2022 MUSIC.DESIGN.FORMIluminacja budynkuIllumination show
22SEPth, 18:00
MDF Festival 2022 MUSIC.DESIGN.FORMForum harmoniiDiscussion
22SEPth, 21:00
MDF Festival 2022 MUSIC.DESIGN.FORMTOMEK TORRES I Sonic EnergyKoncert muzyki relaksacyjnej
22SEPth, 21:00
MDF Festival 2022 MUSIC.DESIGN.FORMIluminacja budynkuIllumination show
23SEPfr, 21:00
MDF Festival 2022 MUSIC.DESIGN.FORMMAX COOPER | Unspoken WordsElectronic music concert
23SEPfr, 21:00
MDF Festival 2022 MUSIC.DESIGN.FORMIluminacja budynkuIllumination show
24SEPsa, 20:00
MDF Festival 2022 MUSIC.DESIGN.FORMMESSAGES QUARTET & GRZEGORZ SADOWSKI | Dialog między wymiaramiConcert
24SEPsa, 21:00
MDF Festival 2022 MUSIC.DESIGN.FORMIluminacja budynkuIllumination show
25SEPsn, 12:00
MDF Festival 2022 MUSIC.DESIGN.FORMKorzenie dźwięku | Prastara harmonia lasuConcertfor children from 6 years of age accompanied by adults
25SEPsn, 19:00
25SEPsn, 21:00
MDF Festival 2022 MUSIC.DESIGN.FORMIluminacja budynkuIllumination show
30SEPfr, 15:00
30SEPfr, 19:00
GRANDIOSO 2022/2023LISZT I PANUFNIKSymphonic concert
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