Electronic Mahler – SoundLab series final

NEWS | 09-06-2017
SoundLab is the Philharmonic laboratory of electronic music. During the whole year many ambassadors of the genre, including Francesco Tristano, Saraty Korwar and Squerpusher, have been hosted at the Philharmonic. During the final of the series the Symphony Orchestra will perform together with two unusually charismatic musicians – Henrik Marstall and Matthew Herbert. All will be connected by Mahler.
Mahler wrote Symphony no. 10 in the summer of 1910 in Toblach. Everything was against him in his artistic work: a marital life crisis and deteriorating health. The composer didn't manage to win his race against the clock, fate did that. Mahler left the unfinished piece as one of his musical testimonies.

Symphony no. 10 is one of the most mysterious compositions by Mahler, which began to enjoy a second life after the composer's death. And it has been a very intense life, undergoing many reconstructions, new pieces have been added, and new versions of the whole compositions are being written even today. The musical duo of Matthew Herbert and Henrik Marstall also confronted Mahler's composition. Independently the musicians attempted to give the last symphony of Mahler a new dimension.

The British electronic music composer Microhouse, together with the Danish composer, attempted this classical piece. The result of their work was recorded on an album released by the most famous label in classical music, Deutsche Grammophon, under the Recomposed series. Szczecin music lovers will have the advantage of hearing these uncommon musicians live, interpreting this outstanding composition by Mahler in an original and fresh way.

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