Marcin Masecki - Artysta rezydent +

Marcin Masecki - Artysta rezydent +Masecki is a pianist, composer and arranger. He was born in Warsaw in 1982 and is currently living in both Warsaw and Berlin. He spent his childhood in Colombia where his father uncovered the secrets of the piano for him. He was also a clarinettist. Later, in Poland, he attended the Fryderyk Chopin Music School in Warsaw and played in the Alchemist ensemble. He studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston, and after returning, became involved with the alternative musicians from Lado ABC. He has co-founded many formations which combine jazz improvisation with an avant-garde approach - Paristetirs, Telewizor, Papierosy, TAQ and the Trio Masecki / Rogiński / Moretti.

Currently, he is considered one of the most creative and original musicians in Poland. He has an equally passionate affection for classical music as well as jazz and avant-garde, and has no aversion to pop. Not only is he the leader of the Profesjonalizm ensemble and the director of the first edition of the Warsaw Entertainment Orchestra, but also the leader of the Polonez project - a wind instrument orchestra treating the tradition of polonaises in a perverse way. He feels equally at home performing Scott Joplin ragtime as playing Ludwig van Beethoven sonatas in muffling headphones. He records his own interpretations of Chopin and Bach works, and at the same time, with Jan Młynarski, he creates Jazz Band Młynarski-Masecki, reminiscent of the Polish orchestras of the interwar period. Marcin Masecki regularly performs, publishes, composes and engages in unconventional projects. The Marcin Masecki Jazz Trio, the artist’s latest group, includes Jerzy Rogiewicz on drums and Piotr Domagalski on double bass. They are all as thick as thieves. Jazz is in their blood. At the invitation of the Mieczysław Karłowicz Philharmonic in Szczecin, they will accompany - along with other musical guests - Marcin Masecki, who will appear in Szczecin with a series of concerts as the artist-in-residence of the Philharmonic during the 2019_2020 artistic season. You can expect them to be the best - a marriage of classics with avant-garde and unique experiences at the confluence of genres.
August 2021
TOMORROW04 AUGwd, 14:00
TOMORROW04 AUGwd, 15:00
TOMORROW04 AUGwd, 19:00
Galeria Poziom 4.Strategie gestu vernissage
06AUGfr, 14:00
06AUGfr, 15:00
06AUGfr, 19:00
ESPRESSIVO | LiveFilharmoniaASAF | Silent Prayernowość VOD
07AUGsa, 21:00
SOUNDLAB | Filharmonia Szczecin OnlineWeiss Video Orchestra I Part 3free online premiere
12AUGth, 14:00
12AUGth, 15:00
12AUGth, 19:00
ESPRESSIVOSzczecin Philharmonic Big Band & Guestsconcert with audience
15AUGsn, 19:00
MISTERIOSO | Filharmonia Szczecin OnlineFilharmonicy kameralnie | Wersy Jana Twardowskiegofree online premiere
17AUGtu, 14:00
17AUGtu, 15:00
20AUGfr, 14:00
20AUGfr, 15:00
20AUGfr, 20:00
SOUNDLAB | LiveFilharmoniaChamber techno paradenowość VOD
27AUGfr, 14:00
27AUGfr, 15:00
27AUGfr, 19:00
International Lutosławski Youth Orchestra - ILYO 2021 | Filharmonia Szczecin Online 2021/2022International Lutosławski Youth Orchestra | FINAŁkoncert z publicznością / bezpłatna transmisja online
September 2021
01SEPwd, 17:00
01SEPwd, 19:00
ENERGICO 2021/2022MELA KOTELUK | KWADROFONIK | Poet's astronomy. Baczyńskiconcert with audience
02SEPth, 15:00
02SEPth, 19:00
Muzyka odnaleziona I Pokaz filmowy projekcja / spotkanie autorskie z Andrzejem Bieńkowskim
03SEPfr, 14:00
03SEPfr, 15:00
03SEPfr, 15:00
03SEPfr, 19:00
04SEPsa, 10:00
04SEPsa, 14:00
04SEPsa, 20:00
05SEPsn, 16:00
MISTERIOSO 2021/2022FeelHarmony Quintetconcert with audience
05SEPsn, 17:00
Koncert finałowykoncert z publicznością / bezpłatna transmisja online
10SEPfr, 19:00
GRANDIOSO 2021/2022SEASON INAUGURATIONconcert with audience / paid online broadcast
12SEPsn, 17:00
13SEPmn, 19:00
Senior ON Plustransgraniczne warsztaty terapeutyczne dla seniorów
17SEPfr, 14:00
17SEPfr, 15:00
17SEPfr, 20:00
SOUNDLAB 2021/2022Resina I Speechlessconcert with audience
18SEPsa, 19:00
18SEPsa, 19:00
Szczecin Young Percussionfree online premiere
19SEPsn, 17:00
MISTERIOSO 2021/2022ÉxQuartet | Loewe | Moniuszko | Weinbergconcert with audience
22SEPwd, 20:00
Opening concert I MYKIETYNcomposing performance
24SEPfr, 20:00
Extrawelt liveconcert with audience
25SEPsa, 12:00
ANTIPODES - music therapykoncert terapeutyczny z publicznościądla dzieci od 7. roku życia z opiekunami
25SEPsa, 20:00
ÉxQuartet & Patryk Matwiejczuk koncert z publicznością / bezpłatna transmisja online
26SEPsn, 19:00
PÄRT | SIKORSKI | ADAMS | NYMANconcert with audience / paid online broadcast
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