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The Mieczysław Karłowicz Philharmonic in Szczecin with its seat at ul. Małopolska 48, 70-515 Szczecin, NIP 851-031-19-73, REGON 000 280 488 offers on-line ticket sale. The payment for tickets on-line is serviced by Dialcom24 Sp. z o.o. with its seat at ul. Kanclerska 15, 60-327 in Poznań, via the przelewy24.pl portal. Payments for the Order must be made within 48 hours of making the Order. Failure to do so will result in cancelling the Order. After the payment has been made, a ticket in the PDF format will be sent to the address specified in the personal data form. It must be printed out and shown to the usher at the entrance to the Philharmonic in Szczecin.

An invoice may be issues only to the person/firm who bought the tickets on-line.

In order to buy a ticket for an event at the Philharmonic, you should:
1.enter the subpage of a given event,
2. click the TICKETS icon,
3. click the BUY icon,
4. choose a seat in the given hall,
5. choose the ticket type: normal or discounted, and click the CHOOSE icon,
6. click the NEXT icon,
7. fill in the personal data form,
8. get the instructions from przelewy24.pl from the electronic mail address provided in the personal data form,
9. make the payment,
10. receive the ticket in the PDF form at the electronic mail address provided in the personal data form.

1. A ticket bought on-line does not entitle you to a refund or to exchange it for another, with the exception of cancelling the event.
2. The lack of such options is regulated by the Act of 2nd March 2000 “On the protection of some consumer rights and on the liability for the damage caused by a dangerous product” (Journal of Laws Dz. U. 2000, No 22 item 271, as amended).
3. If an event is cancelled, the Philharmonic will return the money to the bank account or a credit card with which the payment was made.
4. If an event is cancelled, information concerning the returns may be obtained via telephone: (+48) 91 431 07 20 or electronic mail: kasa@filharmonia.szczecin.pl.
5. In case of complaints, please contact the telephone number (+48) 91 431 07 20 or write an e-mail: kasa@filharmonia.szczecin.pl. The complaint handling time: 7 working days from the moment of its filing.
August 2021
TOMORROW04 AUGwd, 14:00
TOMORROW04 AUGwd, 15:00
TOMORROW04 AUGwd, 19:00
Galeria Poziom 4.Strategie gestu vernissage
06AUGfr, 14:00
06AUGfr, 15:00
06AUGfr, 19:00
ESPRESSIVO | LiveFilharmoniaASAF | Silent Prayernowość VOD
07AUGsa, 21:00
SOUNDLAB | Filharmonia Szczecin OnlineWeiss Video Orchestra I Part 3free online premiere
12AUGth, 14:00
12AUGth, 15:00
12AUGth, 19:00
ESPRESSIVOSzczecin Philharmonic Big Band & Guestsconcert with audience
15AUGsn, 19:00
MISTERIOSO | Filharmonia Szczecin OnlineFilharmonicy kameralnie | Wersy Jana Twardowskiegofree online premiere
17AUGtu, 14:00
17AUGtu, 15:00
20AUGfr, 14:00
20AUGfr, 15:00
20AUGfr, 20:00
SOUNDLAB | LiveFilharmoniaChamber techno paradenowość VOD
27AUGfr, 14:00
27AUGfr, 15:00
27AUGfr, 19:00
International Lutosławski Youth Orchestra | FINAŁkoncert z publicznością / bezpłatna transmisja online
September 2021
01SEPwd, 17:00
02SEPth, 15:00
02SEPth, 19:00
Muzyka odnaleziona I Pokaz filmowy projekcja / spotkanie autorskie z Andrzejem Bieńkowskim
03SEPfr, 14:00
03SEPfr, 15:00
03SEPfr, 15:00
03SEPfr, 19:00
04SEPsa, 10:00
04SEPsa, 14:00
04SEPsa, 20:00
05SEPsn, 16:00
FeelHarmony Quintetconcert with audience
05SEPsn, 17:00
Koncert finałowykoncert z publicznością / bezpłatna transmisja online
10SEPfr, 19:00
SEASON INAUGURATIONconcert with audience / paid online broadcast
12SEPsn, 17:00
13SEPmn, 19:00
Senior ON Plustransgraniczne warsztaty terapeutyczne dla seniorów
17SEPfr, 14:00
17SEPfr, 15:00
17SEPfr, 20:00
Resina I Speechlessconcert with audience
18SEPsa, 19:00
18SEPsa, 19:00
Szczecin Young Percussionkoncert z publicznością / bezpłatna transmisja online
19SEPsn, 17:00
22SEPwd, 20:00
Opening concert I MYKIETYNcomposing performance
24SEPfr, 20:00
Extrawelt liveconcert with audience
25SEPsa, 12:00
ANTIPODES - music therapykoncert terapeutyczny z publicznościądla dzieci od 7. roku życia z opiekunami
25SEPsa, 20:00
ÉxQuartet & Patryk Matwiejczuk koncert z publicznością / bezpłatna transmisja online
26SEPsn, 19:00
PÄRT | SIKORSKI | ADAMS | NYMANconcert with audience / paid online broadcast
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