The repertoire and ticket sales for March 2021

NEWS | 04-02-2021
Anastasia Kobekina, Mariusz Patyra, Benedetto Lupo, as well as Mary Komasa, Ollie Howell and RGG Trio will honour us with their presence during the March concerts. Definitely, there is something to wait for! We would like to invite you to see the full repertoire for March. The online sale of the tickets will start on February 9th at 10:00 a.m.

Tickets sale

Due to the current restrictions and the closure of the institution to the public until February 14th, the stationary sale of tickets will temporarily not take place. The tickets for the March events will be available for purchase on  our website - sales will start on February 9th at 10:00 a.m.

Be kindly reminded that the tickets can only be booked directly at the ticket office or by e-mail to the following address:

Concerts with the audience, online broadcasts

Anastasia Kobekina, Mariusz Patyra, Benedetto Lupo, as well as Mary Komasa, Ollie Howell and RGG Trio will honour us with their presence during the March concerts. Also in March, we will have the final concert of the 1st International Competition for Composers named after Mieczysław Karłowicz.

We would like to invite you to the concerts both: in the golden hall and, where we broadcast live events. This modern platform also allows you to access the concerts that have already taken place (VOD archive). The intuitiveness of use and the quality of transmission are at a high level - in Full HD quality and with the possibility of receiving excellent sound quality.

The online purchase of the concert tickets and the access to broadcasted concerts is possible directly on the website or from the homepage of the Philharmonic. After clicking the LIVE icon in the upper right corner, you will be redirected to the platform. There you can buy tickets to access the concert and the entire archive of past events for 24 hours from the premiere or up to 72 hours.

The 2020/2021 season is in full swing, and we do our best to ensure that you will not run out of opportunities to meet with music. We are constantly working on new concerts and projects, also on CD releases, of which there will be even more soon.

We have more months ahead of us and more meetings with classics, chamber music, jazz, electronics, both in our golden hall, on our Facebook and YouTube channels, as well as through the concert broadcasting platform. Stay with us!

16-01-2021, 11:00 | 30-01-2021, 11:00 | 13-02-2021, 11:00 | 20-02-2021, 11:00 | 06-03-2021, 11:00 | 27-03-2021, 11:00 | 10-04-2021, 11:00 | 24-04-2021, 11:00 | 08-05-2021, 11:00 | 05-06-2021, 11:00 | 19-06-2021, 11:00 | 29-05-2021, 11:00Raniutto – Sensorki - free online premiere
16-02-2021, 11:00 | 23-02-2021, 11:00 | 09-03-2021, 11:00 | 23-03-2021, 11:00 | 06-04-2021, 11:00 | 27-04-2021, 11:00 | 11-05-2021, 11:00 | 25-05-2021, 11:00 | 15-06-2021, 11:00 | 22-06-2021, 11:00DoNuta w temacie online - free online premiere
August 2021
TOMORROW04 AUGwd, 14:00
TOMORROW04 AUGwd, 15:00
TOMORROW04 AUGwd, 19:00
Galeria Poziom 4.Strategie gestu vernissage
06AUGfr, 14:00
06AUGfr, 15:00
06AUGfr, 19:00
ESPRESSIVO | LiveFilharmoniaASAF | Silent Prayernowość VOD
07AUGsa, 21:00
SOUNDLAB | Filharmonia Szczecin OnlineWeiss Video Orchestra I Part 3free online premiere
12AUGth, 14:00
12AUGth, 15:00
12AUGth, 19:00
ESPRESSIVOSzczecin Philharmonic Big Band & Guestsconcert with audience
15AUGsn, 19:00
MISTERIOSO | Filharmonia Szczecin OnlineFilharmonicy kameralnie | Wersy Jana Twardowskiegofree online premiere
17AUGtu, 14:00
17AUGtu, 15:00
20AUGfr, 14:00
20AUGfr, 15:00
20AUGfr, 20:00
SOUNDLAB | LiveFilharmoniaChamber techno paradenowość VOD
27AUGfr, 14:00
27AUGfr, 15:00
27AUGfr, 19:00
International Lutosławski Youth Orchestra - ILYO 2021 | Filharmonia Szczecin Online 2021/2022International Lutosławski Youth Orchestra | FINAŁkoncert z publicznością / bezpłatna transmisja online
September 2021
01SEPwd, 17:00
01SEPwd, 19:00
ENERGICO 2021/2022MELA KOTELUK | KWADROFONIK | Poet's astronomy. Baczyńskiconcert with audience
02SEPth, 15:00
02SEPth, 19:00
Muzyka odnaleziona I Pokaz filmowy projekcja / spotkanie autorskie z Andrzejem Bieńkowskim
03SEPfr, 14:00
03SEPfr, 15:00
03SEPfr, 15:00
03SEPfr, 19:00
04SEPsa, 10:00
04SEPsa, 14:00
04SEPsa, 20:00
05SEPsn, 16:00
MISTERIOSO 2021/2022FeelHarmony Quintetconcert with audience
05SEPsn, 17:00
Koncert finałowykoncert z publicznością / bezpłatna transmisja online
10SEPfr, 19:00
GRANDIOSO 2021/2022SEASON INAUGURATIONconcert with audience / paid online broadcast
12SEPsn, 17:00
13SEPmn, 19:00
Senior ON Plustransgraniczne warsztaty terapeutyczne dla seniorów
17SEPfr, 14:00
17SEPfr, 15:00
17SEPfr, 20:00
SOUNDLAB 2021/2022Resina I Speechlessconcert with audience
18SEPsa, 19:00
18SEPsa, 19:00
Szczecin Young Percussionfree online premiere
19SEPsn, 17:00
MISTERIOSO 2021/2022ÉxQuartet | Loewe | Moniuszko | Weinbergconcert with audience
22SEPwd, 20:00
Opening concert I MYKIETYNcomposing performance
24SEPfr, 20:00
Extrawelt liveconcert with audience
25SEPsa, 12:00
ANTIPODES - music therapykoncert terapeutyczny z publicznościądla dzieci od 7. roku życia z opiekunami
25SEPsa, 20:00
ÉxQuartet & Patryk Matwiejczuk koncert z publicznością / bezpłatna transmisja online
26SEPsn, 19:00
PÄRT | SIKORSKI | ADAMS | NYMANconcert with audience / paid online broadcast
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