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Aga Zaryan, European Jazz Quartet and Leopold Tyrmand

NEWS | 13-05-2021
On Monday evening, May 17th, we would like to invite you to the broadcast of the concert by Aga Zaryan, who, together with the European Jazz Quartet, will perform a program dedicated to one of the promoters of jazz in the 1950s in Poland. The concert Tyrmand |At the shores of jazz, will be available on the platform. Access to the broadcast costs PLN 10/20. The concert starts at 7:00 PM.
Post-war Poland at the beginning of the communist era. The country is rebuilding itself from the rubble. The new government introduces a reality imposed from outside. Leopold Tyrmand states: "Stalin's smile reached Poland." But at the same time, the music, dominated by improvisation, is loud and not fully understood from overseas. In a very short time, the fascination of American jazz turns into a cultural movement for which new music is synonymous of freedom, democracy and independence.

In Poland, the music of freedom finds the fertile ground, it connects and attracts strong individuals. One of its greatest promoters is the outstanding writer Leopold Tyrmand. He described jazz in essays in newspapers and during the lectures preceding the concerts. Thanks to him, this music survived the constant attempts to remove it from public space. He quoted the words of Louis Armstrong: "Brother, you will never get to what it actually is ..."

The concert’s program, which consists of jazz standards performed by Aga Zaryan and the European Jazz Quartet, will allow us to again delve into the mind of Leopold Tyrmand: an ongoing artistic activity, which makes it the motto of the epoch that applies equally to a New Orleans streetwalker from the tenths and a Parisian medical student from the fifties. (…) The circle closes ruthlessly: the whole half-century of joy and cares are tightly contained in classic tunes, in those old melodies with the magical power of eternal usefulness. They do not cease to be contemporary, just as Picasso's pre-World War I painting still does not break away from the present "(L. Tyrmand" At the edges of jazz ").

I've been singing jazz standards since my debut. They still occupy a special place in my repertoire. I have the same feelings about the wonderful Polish evergreens. Leopold Tyrmand used to be the bridge between what is Polish and American ... The evening in Szczecin will also be a musical bridge between these worlds. With me on stage you will hear wonderful musicians, each of whom I admire - says Aga Zaryan.

The concert TYRMAND | At the shores of jazz on Monday, May 17th at 7:00 PM at Access to the platform costs PLN 10/20.

The concert's partner is Dealer BMW Bońkowscy..
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