Arhythmic Perfection Plan vol. 2

Arhythmic Perfection Plan returns!

NEWS | 14-10-2017
Unconventional combinations of sounds, people and places - this is how, in short, you can define Arhythmic Perfection Plan! A series of alternative concerts for all music freaks will return to the Philharmonic on November 18th! The first sounds will fill the space at 6 pm. Jerzy Mazzoll will be watching over the whole. Musical improvisations, experiments and special guests are all in the program.
Arhythmic Perfection Plan is the original idea of yassu legend Jerzy Mazzoll. It breaks free of the established rules and replaces them with fancy structures of avant-garde music. The clear space of our building will again play an important role, proving that there are still ways to receive music which residents of Szczecin have not experienced.

Asked about the project, Jerzy Mazzoll answers: The idea of arrhythmic perfection assumes that coincidence and the acceptance of error are the starting points for work and the creative act, both for the composition and for its ancestor and pre-source, improvisation. This is an unconventional human and instrumental composition, a combination of arts, concepts and styles never before unprecedented or even unacceptable! Finally, it is a call for vigilance by both the artists and listeners, whose senses will be attacked everywhere in the beautiful modern architecture of the Philharmonic in Szczecin, to experience the SHOCK and ART!

The first concert will begin at 6 pm in the lobby of the Philharmonic. Collective improvisation under the direction of prof. Krzysztof Knittel will join the musicians of our Symphony Orchestra together with Jurek Przeździecki - one of the most interesting Polish artists of the techno scene, constantly searching for his own definition of sound, transcending genre boundaries, joining a variety of stylistics, and going beyond the club framework. He is the author of two albums ("Biscuit Symphony, 2011" and "Classicalism", 2015) and several singles and EPs published by the labels: Cocoon, Recognition, Synewave, Definition Records and others. With his energetic DJ sets he has reached Portugal, the USA, South Africa, and even Japan and Australia. A modular synthesis lover, always creatively restless and driven by the need for further development.

A mysterious concert in the dark will fill the chamber hall at 7 pm. Tomasz Gwinciński (drums), Janusz Zdunek (trumpet), Qba Janicki (percussion, electronics) and a special guest: Kazuhisa Uchihashi (guitar), will perform. What can we expect? Everything!

After an hour long concert in the dark, the party will again move to the lobby, where at 8 pm Tropy + Pedro Ferreira will perform.

Tickets from 20 zł (normal) and 10 zł (discounted) will be available at the ticket office and on the website from 19 October from 13:00. All events are subject to one ticket, non-numbered seats.

However, this is not the end of the attractions which Arhythmic Perfection Plan bring about.. For the great finale of this short but yet hot affair of avant-garde classic with modern audio and video experiments, Jurek Przeździecki will perform at Piwnica Kany. He is the golden child of Polish techno, recognized and appreciated abroad. It starts at 22:00, free entry!
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