Sales terms

Terms and Conditions of Sale
Terms and conditions of sale and booking, in effect in the Mieczysław Karłowicz Philharmonic in Szczecin

§1 General provisions

1. These Terms and Conditions set out the rules for selling, booking and returning tickets, for events organised by the Mieczysław Karłowicz Philharmonic in Szczecin (hereinafter referred to as the Terms and Conditions), with the exclusion of the inaugural cycle.
2. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, “event” shall mean concerts and other forms of statutory activities organised by the Mieczysław Karłowicz Philharmonic in Szczecin (hereinafter referred to as the Philharmonic) with audience participation.
3. Purchasing or booking a ticket for an event means accepting the provisions of the Terms and Conditions and undertaking to observe them.
4. Whenever the Terms and Conditions mention the booking office, this refers to the booking office situated in the Philharmonic at ul. Małopolska 48 (70-515 Szczecin), opening hours:
a) Tue-Thu 1.00 p.m.-6.00 p.m., Fri 1.00-8.00 p.m., Saturdays 12.00-4.00 p.m.;
b) one hour before any ticketed event.
5. Whenever the Terms and Conditions mention the Philharmonic website, it refers to the Internet website available at
6. Whenever the Rules and Regulations refer to the Philharmonic hotline, it means the information hotline at the ticket office open from Tuesday to Thursday from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. at telephone number +48 539 94 94 54.

§2 Tickets

1. Entrance tickets with the control coupon torn off are invalid. The above does not apply to tickets purchased via the Philharmonic website.
2. The ticket price is a gross price and includes tax on goods and services at the rate in force at the moment of sale.
3. An unused ticket loses its validity.
4. The Philharmonic does not exchange purchased tickets.

§3 Types of tickets and discounts

1. The Philharmonic offers the following types of tickets: normal ticket, discount ticket, group ticket, standby ticket, season ticket. The ticket types differ in price and conditions of purchase or participation at an event.
2. A normal ticket entitles participation at an event with a seat.
3. A normal ticket is sold to a person who does not meet the conditions to buy any other type of ticket.
4. A discount ticket entitles participation at an event with a seat, and is granted to a person who fits into one of the following categories:
a) a child under 6 years of age;
b) a student of elementary, junior high or high school;
c) a student of 1st or 2nd degree full-time or part-time studies under 26 years of age;
d) a pensioner or an old age pensioner;
e) a person with a recognised disability;
f) a person who has been awarded the medal for Merit to Culture – Gloria Artis („Zasłużony Kulturze – Gloria Artis”);
g) a person who has the Euro26 card.
5. A person under 16 years of age with a recognised disability is entitled to a discount ticket and their guardian is entitled to a free ticket.
6. A person under 16 years of age with mild to moderate degree of disability is entitled to a discount ticket; their guardian is also entitled to a discount ticket. A person with severe disability is entitled to a free ticket and their guardian is entitled to a discount ticket.
7. The Philharmonic recognises discounts and other preferences available for the holders of the Szczecin Family Card (Szczecińska Karta Rodzinna). The Card is valid for all concerts taking place in the symphony hall (in all types of places), including family concerts but excluding events with special prices, school concerts and programmes, and workshops. Discounts available to the Card holders are as follows:
• 2 children in the family, ticket price PLN20;
• 3 children in the family, ticket price PLN16;
• 4 children in the family, ticket price PLN12;
• 5 children in the family, ticket price PLN8;
• 6 children in the family, ticket price PLN4;
• 7 and more children in the family, ticket price PLN2.
8. The holders of a Szczecin Senior’s Card (Szczecińska Karta Seniora) are entitled to buy one ticket for PLN10 for selected events. The list of events is available in the booking office of the Philharmonic.
9. Persons awarded by the City of Szczecin with the title of Honorary Citizen of the City of Szczecin (Honorowy Obywatel Miasta Szczecin), Pioneer of the City of Szczecin (Pionier Miasta Szczecin) or with the Medal for Merit to the City (Medal za Zasługi dla Miasta), may enter events free, provided that they have informed the booking office at least fourteen days in advance.
10. Discounts are available to those persons who, at the moment of purchase in the Philharmonic booking office, present the document entitling them to the discount.
11. The ticket along with the document must be shown to the staff when entering the event.
12. A person authorised to buy a discount ticket may transfer their ticket only to a person who is also authorised to buy a discount ticket.
13. A group ticket is sold for groups of at least 15 persons. A group ticket is issued individually to each member of the group. The price specified on the ticket is the purchasing price for one ticket.
14. A ticket at the group ticket price but without the necessity to meet the group size requirement, may be bought by persons who present a Szczecin Tourist Card (Szczecińska Karta Turystyczna) to the booking office.
15. Standby tickets may be purchased only on the day of the event and after all seats have been sold. Standby tickets may be available at the discretion of the Director of the Philharmonic for each separate concert.
16. Season tickets may be bought from the Philharmonic booking office. A season ticket means that one person purchases at least five normal or discount tickets in one artistic season for different events (excluding events with special prices, educational events, or events taking place in the chamber room). When you buy season tickets 15% discount is charged on the price of each ticket.
17. Apart from tickets, the Philharmonic may issue invitations at its own discretion.
18. An invitation entitles the holder to purchase a ticket for an event specified in the invitation, at the amount and on the conditions specified in the invitation.
19. A person may buy a ticket(s) on the basis of the invitation only when they show the invitation at the moment of purchase.

§4 Sale

1. The sale of tickets is conducted by the booking office of the Philharmonic.
2. For selected events, tickets may be purchased:
a) at the place of the event, from one hour before the planned start of the event;
b) from the Philharmonic website.
3. The booking office accepts payments by cash and credit card.
4. The possibility of buying tickets via the Philharmonic website closes one working day before the event.
5. Persons purchasing tickets via the Philharmonic website must print out the ticket and bring it to the concert.
6. If you purchase tickets in the booking office, the Philharmonic issues a receipt which the ticket purchaser is obliged to retain should they need to return the ticket.
7. The Philharmonic issues VAT invoices within seven days from purchasing the ticket at the booking office. The request for a VAT invoice should be placed at the moment of purchase or making a booking.

§5 Booking

1. Ticket bookings are conducted by the booking office of the Philharmonic.
2. Tickets for events may be booked:
a) via telephone at +48 91 431 07 20 110/111 or +48 539 94 94 54;
b) personally;
3. In order to book a ticket, you have to provide the following information:
a) the type of ticket;
b) first name and surname;
c) contact telephone number;
d) in case the booking person wishes to receive a VAT invoice, all data necessary to issue a VAT invoice.
4. The refusal to provide the data specified in point 3 makes it impossible to make a booking.
5. The booked tickets need to be purchased within 7 calendar days from the moment of making the booking. After this time, the booking will be cancelled.
6. Tickets booked at the Philharmonic booking office may be paid for via bank transfer to the account of the Philharmonic. In the title of the transfer you must provide: first name and surname of the person making the booking, and the time and date of the event. In case of payment for a group ticket, you must provide: first name and surname of the person making the booking, the time and date of the event and the name of the institution, company or organisation (if applicable).
7. The Philharmonic bank account number is available on the Philharmonic website and in the booking office.
8. Payment by transfer must be received within 7 days of making the booking but not later than 4 days before the event.
9. Four days before the event our system deletes all bookings. From that moment forward, there is no possibility of making a booking.

§6 Reservation for organized groups

1. The provisions of this paragraph apply to reservations for an organized group, i.e. reservations of at least 15 tickets, regardless of their type, for a given event.
2. To make a reservation for an organized group, it is necessary to make a preliminary reservation by e-mail to the following address:
3. The following information should be provided in the e-mail:
a) indication of the deadline
b) group size
c) name and surname of the person making the reservation
d) contact telephone number
e) if the booking party wants to receive an invoice – all necessary data needed to issue an invoice.
5. A reservation for an organized group is made when the ticket office employee sends confirmation of the reservation.
6. The payment deadline for tickets as part of a reservation for an organized group is agreed individually with a Philharmonic employee.
7. Tickets reserved for organized groups can be paid in person at the Philharmonic box office or by bank transfer after receiving the transfer invoice (the rules for issuing invoices are discussed in §4, point 7). The transfer title should include the number of the invoice being paid. In the case of payment by transfer, tickets are printed at the Philharmonic box office (they are not sent); tickets must be collected no later than the day of the event, 30 minutes before its start.
9. If a reservation is made for an organized group and failure to pay for the tickets within the indicated time, the reservation is subject to cancellation, of which the Philharmonic will inform the person making the reservation. The Philharmonic may charge the ordering party a contractual penalty of 50% of the value of the tickets ordered.
11. In the case of payment by transfer, the date of payment of the price is deemed to be the date of crediting the Philharmonic's bank account.
12. In the case of foreign transfers, all bank fees are borne by the ticket purchaser. Payment for tickets in the case of foreign transfers can only be made in PLN.

Rules for organizing the audience

1. The Philharmonic has the right to refuse entry to the auditorium if you are late for the event. Entrance will be possible during the break of the event.
2. During the events, the use of mobile phones is prohibited and the sound signals in electronic devices must be turned off. It is prohibited for listeners to record events (photographing, filming, recording).
3. An admission ticket entitles the holder to a single entry to the event, with the exception of special events, specified by the Director of the Philharmonic, during which one ticket entitles the holder to entry to more than one event.
4. The event ticket cannot be used in promotional and advertising campaigns (including competitions or lotteries) or other commercial purposes without the consent of the Philharmonic.
5. Participation in an event organized by the Philharmonic constitutes the participant's consent to the free recording and dissemination of his/her image during his/her stay at the venue of the event organized by the Philharmonic. The consent covers the use of the image in the Philharmonic's materials for promotional, archival and information purposes. Lack of consent for publication should be reported to the Philharmonic Spokesperson (
6. Children over 6 years of age and their guardians may participate in all concerts held at the Philharmonic, in particular in events such as: family performances, family concerts and educational events. A child, regardless of age, must have a ticket to participate in the event and must occupy the seat indicated on the ticket.

Other provisions

1. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Philharmonic building. Drinking alcohol is allowed only in places designated for this purpose.
2. The Philharmonic reserves the right to cancel the event, change the date, place, change the repertoire, and change the performers of the event without giving a reason.
3. The places intended for the public in the Philharmonic building include: the symphony hall, the chamber hall, the café, the cloakroom, the foyer, the shop on level 1 and the gallery on level 4.
4. Any changes regarding the availability of space are decided by the Director of the Philharmonic.

§6 Returns

1. The Philharmonic reserves the right to introduce changes to the programme.
2. The Philharmonic does not accept ticket returns, apart from situations specified in §6 point 3 and §6 point 5 of the Terms and Conditions.
3. In the case an event is cancelled, tickets may be returned within 10 days of the date the event was to occur.
4. Tickets may be returned at the Philharmonic booking office.
5. The basis for the return is a ticket with the control coupon intact. When returning the ticket, the receipt or a VAT invoice confirming the purchase of the ticket must also be presented. Failure to present the abovementioned documents entitles the employee of the Philharmonic to refuse to accept the ticket return.
6. In the case the purchase of the ticket at the booking office has been confirmed with a VAT invoice, the basis for the return is the purchaser’s consent to receive from the Philharmonic a correction of the VAT invoice. The Philharmonic may withhold the return of the price of the tickets until the signed VAT invoice correction has been received.
7. The Philharmonic will return the price of the ticket in cash at the booking office on the basis of proof of purchase. In the case of payments by transfer, the purchaser must also present a confirmation of the transfer.
8. The Philharmonic allows other conditions of returning tickets to be introduced with regard to selected events.

§7 Personal data

1. By providing your personal data to the Philharmonic during the booking process, you agree to have them stored and processed by the Philharmonic in order to book tickets, purchase tickets, and for the necessary communication between the parties.
2. Personal data received by the Philharmonic is not shared with any third parties.

§8 Final provisions

1. The Philharmonic is not responsible for events organized at its premises by external entities, even if tickets for these events are sold through the Philharmonic's box office.
2. Any explanations regarding the Regulations and their provisions are provided by the Information and Promotion Center of the Philharmonic, tel. 91 431 07 23, from Monday to Friday from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.
3. These Regulations enter into force on April 7, 2022. We would like to inform you that your personal data are processed by the Philharmonic. Mieczysław Karłowicz in Szczecin as the personal data controller in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council /EU/ 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95 /46/EC (Official Journal of the EU L2016, No. 119, p.1).

Detailed rules for processing by the Philharmonic. Mieczysław Karłowicz in Szczecin, the personal data provided by you are available at the following addresses: danych prywatnosci
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