03JUNfr, 19:00

Addinsell’s Warsaw Concerto

Symphonic concert
Symphony Hall
  • Jonathan Stockhammer - conductor
  • Carl Maria von Weber - Overture to the opera Euryanthe
  • Richard Addinsell - Warsaw Concerto from the movie Dangerous Moonlight
  • Dmitri Shostakovich - The Assault on the Red Hill from Unforgettable 1919
  • Charles Williams - The Dream of Olwen from the movie While I Live
  • Carl Davis - Theme from the TV series Pride and Prejudice
  • Hubert Bath - Cornish Rhapsody from the movie Love Story
  • Claude Debussy - Symphonic triptych Images (Gigues, Ibéria, Rondes de printemps)
During this Friday concert, Szczecin music lovers will have the chance to listen to the usually glamorous “Warsaw Concerto” by Richard Addinsell. It is a piece written especially for the motion picture “Dangerous Moonlight”.

Place will also be made for subtle fragments from the “Love Story” motion picture soundtrack and the BBC series “Pride and Prejudice”. The second part of the concert will be filled with symphonic triptych “Images” by the most popular impressionist, Claude Debussy. Consisting of three parts (Gigues,Ibéria, Rondes de printemps), the compositions are a peculiar sound image inspired by and talking about England, Spain and France appropriately.

We would like to recommend to those interested in pianism and pianos the web portal THE PIANO IN POLISH COLLECTIONS under the aegis of The Institute of Music and Dance.
Addinsell’s Warsaw Concerto
03-06-2016 19:00
Symphony HallFilharmonia im. Mieczysława Karłowicza w Szczecinie
ul. Małopolska 48
70-515 Szczecin

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