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Architecture is the Music of Space

level 4. Gallery, Lobby
  • Ewa P. Porębska - kurator
  • Robert Konieczny (KWK Promes) - projekt wystawy "Pięć niezwykłych sal koncertowych Europy"
  • Roman Kaczmarczyk - projekt wystawy "Pięć niezwykłych sal koncertowych Europy"
  • Michał Lisiński - projekt wystawy "Pięć niezwykłych sal koncertowych Europy"
  • Edgar Bąk - konsultacja graficzna, plansza identyfikacyjna
  • Katarzyna Krakowiak - projekt artystyczny wystawy "Jakby nic nie mogło spaść poza słońcem"
  • - współpraca
  • Michał Piskunowicz - współpraca
  • Ralf Meinz - akustyka
  • Katarzyna Szadkowska - współpraca kuratorska
  • Tomasz Żylski - współpraca kuratorska, opisy obiektów
  • Agnieszka Skolimowska - opisy obiektów
Wystawa dostępna jest w godzinach:
10.07, 10:00-16:00
14.07, 17:00-20:00
21.07, 17:00-20:00
28.07, 17:00-20:00
04.08, 17:00-20:00
11.08, 17:00-20:00
18.08, 17:00-20:00
25.08, 17:00-20:00
10.09, 17:00 – finisaż
Representing Poland at the 13th La Biennale di Venezia – 13th International Architecture Exhibition, both the artist Katarzyna Krakowiak and one of the most recognized Polish architects Robert Konieczny will present their works at the Philharmonic in Szczecin in June, during an exhibition dedicated to the new premises of the institution. Ewa P. Porębska is curator. The exposition will run until June 10th.

As if nothing could fall but the sun

Katarzyna Krakowiak deals in sculpture and architecture. In her work she applies many communication media forms including sound. She's known for “incorporating scientists from ornithologists to astronomers and sound engineers in her projects. – I wanted to study Chemistry. For a long time I was closer to science than art. I am convinced that art requires knowledge, not only manual skills.” – says Katarzyna Krakowiak.

In 2006 she was awarded a diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań at the Sculpture Transplantation Department, where she worked under the supervision of Mirosław Bałka, creator of the well-known installation “Making the walls quake as if they were dilating with the secret knowledge of great powers”, presented at the Polish Pavilion during the 13th La Biennale di Venezia – 13th International Architecture Exhibition. The exhibition, whose curator was Michał Libera, received special distinction.

In the lobby of the Philharmonic in Szczecin, she will present an original audio-visual installation inspired by the institution’s new building, entitled “As if nothing could fall but the sun”.

Five unique European concert halls

Robert Konieczny is an architect and head of the KwK Promes studio, regarded by “Wallpaper” Magazine in the 101 most exciting architectural design companies in the world. Since 2012 he has been an independent expert of the Miesa van der Rohe Foundation, while at the same time his own works have been nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award eight times.

Among others he's a laureate of the prestigious House of the Year 2006 for the design of the Aatrial House, winning the competition organized by the portal World Architecture News for the best residential house in the world. In 2016 his project for the National Museum – the Upheavals Dialogue Centre in Szczecin, was listed among the top 25 other public spaces in Europe in the European Prize for Public Urban Space.

On the 4th Floor he will present a collection of photographs, printed in 3D technique, entitled “Five unique European Concert Halls”.

From the curator

In 2015 the building of the Mieczysław Karłowicz Philharmonic in Szczecin designed by Estudio Barozzi Veiga was honoured with the Mies van der Rohe Award. This became inspiration for the management of the Philharmonic to create an exhibition dedicated to architecture.

How does architecture influence music, and music architecture? Do they stimulate each other? Can architecture be translated into sound, and sound expressed in architectural form? To answer these question we decided to examine the relations between architecture and music using five unique European concert halls constructed in the past few years: the Mieczysław Karłowicz Philharmonic in Szczecin (2014), The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet in Oslo (2008), Blaibach Concert Hall (2014), Harpa Concert and Conference Center in Reykjavik (2011) and Casa da Musica in Porto (2005).

These repeatedly awarded and unique buildings will be interpreted in two ways: from both the architectural and artistic perspectives in the search for the phenomena of their uniqueness. Landscape, climate, direct surroundings, the history of the location, country where they were erected as well as audiences, movement, personal experiences of the authors, builders and users – these and many other factors influence not only the form or shape of architecture, but most of all they influence the expression or even the spirit of those buildings – I am sincerely convinced that an outstanding work of architecture emanates an aura of some sort, exceeding ordinary human experience.

That's why the project ARCHITECTURE IS THE MUSIC OF SPACE will be held in two ways: on one hand it will be presented in a photographic and spatial way as documentation of the of the architectural work, and on the other as artistic undertakings revealing its transcendent phenomena (“thought forms”), the unique sound of the building deriving from the nature of the location. The durability of architecture (in a form of photographs of the buildings) will be contrasted with the evanescence of sound and its spatial imagining (sound+image).

This architectural analysis of five outstanding European concert halls will be presented by one of the most well-known Polish architects, Robert Konieczny – creator of the nearby Upheavals Dialogue Centre in Szczecin, listed as one of the best public urban spaces in Europe. The unique sound of the Philharmonic and its transcendent image will be revealed by Katarzyna Krakowiak, an artist repeatedly awarded for her works in the fields of sculpture, architecture and sound. The sounds created/discovered will become the sole property of the Philharmonic and may be treated as those inviting the audiences to the concert hall, or preceding a special event.

Ewa P. Porębska
exhibition curator

Ewa P. Porębska – architect, architecture critic. Editor-in-chief of the “Architektura-murator” monthly magazine. A tireless activist fighting for the popularisation of the best examples of architectural . She has authored many articles on architecture, and is creator and curator of a variety of exhibitions devoted to this topic. She was also a jury member of the European Prize for Public Urban Space 2016, the Mies van der Rohe Award 2013 and World Architecture Festival in Barcelona 2008-2010.
Artystka reprezentująca Polskę podczas 13. Biennale Architektury w Wenecji, Katarzyna Krakowiak oraz jeden z najbardziej znanych polskich architektów, Robert Konieczny w prezentują swoje prace w ramach wystawy dedykowanej nowej siedzibie Filharmonii w Szczecinie. Kuratorem wystawy jest Ewa P. Porębska. Ekspozycja będzie prezentowana do 10 września.

Architecture is the Music of Space
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level 4. Gallery

June 2016
01JUN '16wd, 18:00
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PIANOFORTE 2015/2016Addinsell’s Warsaw ConcertoSymphonic concert
04JUN '16sa, 16:00
Galeria Poziom 4.Andrzej ForyśVernissage
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Koncerty rodzinne 2015/2016Lived in Szczecin happily ever afterFamily concert
06JUN '16mn, 09:00
DoNuta taktuje - Na trzyChamber concertfor children and youth
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FESTIVO 2015/2016Hungarian Days - Roby LakatosSymphonic concert
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Wszystko gra! GAMAWorkshops children aged 2–6
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Wszystko gra! GAMAWorkshops children aged 2–6
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DoNuta taktuje - Na czteryChamber concertfor children and youth
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DoNuta taktuje - Na czteryChamber concertfor children and youth
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Galeria Poziom 4.Architecture is the Music of SpaceExhibition
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Muzyka na wodziePowróćmy jak za dawnych lat…Symphonic concert
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ESPRESSIVOTake 6Jazz concert
July 2016
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ESPRESSIVOAl Jarreau Duo Jazz concert
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Urodziny SzczecinaSymphonic concert
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Galeria Poziom 4.Architecture is the Music of SpaceExhibition
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Galeria Poziom 4.Architecture is the Music of SpaceExhibition
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Galeria Poziom 4.Architecture is the Music of SpaceExhibition
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Galeria Poziom 4.Architecture is the Music of SpaceExhibition
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Canadian BrassChamber concert
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Ocean FanfareJazz concert